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The girl who listens to poultry

At the beginning, we have grown that Romane imitated his father, invented stories. She invented dialogues with chickens.
Each evening we will naturally read a story and it do not go a day without seeing animals. We thought that it mixed whole, a child and formidable necessarily phenomenal!

I began to look strangely when during the holidays of All Saints, several days later, she said "Fanette will lay." Fanette, a gray hen, Romane had always known this. We thought she had heard this name and had considered perfect for a hen.
And "Fanette" started laying eggs.
-- How do you know that?
-- Bin, she told her girlfriends.
-- And his friends, they will not lay eggs?
-- Why you poses questions that you know the answer?
That's one of my replicas! Although returned! Romane had five years. I was so in my questioning to hear each day register his departure for the nest, which I replied:
-- To find out if you of course.
-- Mathilde will go after it, Zora will not lay today, Christine will go this afternoon and Martine always feels patraque, their livers after it. That's right Mr. President?
-- We will see, Madam Prime Minister.
-- But I am not Prime Minister!
I did not know yet that "Mr. President", and call me hens, chickens, guinea fowl, turkeys. I believed in an invention of my Romanette.
And it was so, for laying hens. In order: Fanette, Mathilde, Christine.

So if Romane really intended hens, it was logical to think that we hear too. In the evening, I résumais the situation to her mother, she thought did nothing! I divaguais! Our daughter was normal!…
An argument me back then, who figea:
-- You told me well in our youth: when you were small, at your mother, you said "X will call" and actually called X.
-- And she treated me witch and stopped… you mean that they would keep this gift from me?
-- And this is a fragile gift: it was enough that your mother you deals with witch so you perdes.
-- But I have conveyed to Roman… There were no chickens at my mom, I could not hear the chickens!
-- And Romane lose this gift if we behave like your mother.
-- You do not think it would be better?
-- We use a tiny part of our brain. Romane has the chance to use a little more, let us not be stupid for fear of the unknown.
-- But I do not they just ask electrodes on his head! Neither on mine!
-- When a child has a little something in addition, parents still believe that it is less!
-- I understand! One day she will realize that it is different and it feels wrong. The children want to look the other!
-- Who knows if through this donation, humanity does not discover an entire segment of our reality, a reality even unsuspected by our imagination.
-- But his friends will make fun of it!
-- It will, slowly, explaining that most children, as they do not grow near chickens, does not intend and believe that it is impossible to hear.
-- But it is impossible to hear!… For us… If I tell it to his grandmother, there is certain is the fatal blow, it becomes crazy!
-- You realize the world is not as we believe!
-- You have always dreamed of having a child genius.
-- And this is not even to me that it has this gift!
20 octobre 2007

chansons d amour

chansons d amour : les textes paroles auteurs

That evening, we decided to have a second child. But so far, it seems nothing understand the language of poultry. He probably inherited this embarrassment of his father!

With Romane, I now seven books observations. The most sensational discovery: our poultry are Buddhists! Not only do they believe in reincarnation, still think they have a future better life but they live fully back this research, reading in the clouds and wind, welcoming with great devotion every soul.
Each year we let one or two chickens hatching, without ever reaching exceed ten chicks born here. So we buy a dozen others on the markets. Like the guinea fowl, turkeys which have never been able to obtain any brood.
The "unknown", "no links" in the village, who suffer from this scene, would have preferred even a return to farming, knowing their lives limited to a few weeks in a giant hangar. But certainty to reincarnate allows them not to fear death.
Only the disease is worrying: secrete a disease is to prepare a bad reincarnation, in an animal lower. I still do not know who they rank among those below.
As for me, therefore I am "Mr. President": the one who decides who has throat cut. Before we thought without heart, to see accourir to drink the blood that flows. It is a ritual. A hen whose blood mixes with the earth instead of being raised by his friends, will return in a very remote country where she has no recollection.

Romane was 9 years, she knows she is perhaps the only one to hear the hens, she knows that her mother had a gift and lost by the stupidity of his grandmother.
She tired of these hens, chickens, guinea fowls, turkeys. She found animals. They always say the same thing! She finds that we have very lucky, not to hear caqueter, caqueter, real pipelettes.
She would like to listen to cats!
She is still strange to hear nothing! "Yet, they speak louder than me."

Sometimes we feel the urge to say "it is you who is bizarre." But even for laughter, we know that it is too small for such a remark. So we smile, ask him to lend us his gift.
When she has eighteen years, it will do what it wants this gift, make it public if it so wishes. For now, it's a secret!

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